Projects and Programs

Areas of Focus

  • Common Parts Catalogs
  • Internal Supply-Chain Optimization
  • Manufacturing
  • Production Planning
  • RFID System Integration
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Vendor Management

Project Partners

Alliances and Resources

Program Experience

  • Supply chain optimization project for DoD manufacturing contractor
    • Internal materials management optimization
    • RFID system integration for asset tracking
  • Production planning optimization for DoD manufacturing contractor
    • Work scheduling optimization
    • Production defect visibility system design and integration via handheld technology
  • Supply chain design for DoD manufacturing contractor
    • Post-delivery support supply chain design and optimization
  • Common parts catalog R&D for DoD manufacturing contractor
    • Evaluation of various manufacturers' common parts with different part numbers and group to common part numbers
  • Pipe shop production planning optimization for Navy shipbuilding contractor
    • Value stream map and process optimization with production planning design
  • Facility optimization study for DoD manufacturing contractor
    • Optimization of materials movement, production planning, and job work standards
  • Warehouse layout and design for Navy shipbuilding contractor and DoD manufacturing contractor
    • Optimization of pick, pack and ship procedures
    • WMS (warehouse management system) selection
    • Work standard development